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My Dog Ate Rat Poison, What to Do?

Dogs are curious animals especially the puppies. You can often find them digging, chewing things and sniffing around places where their noses shouldn’t be! As dog owners, it is a big responsibility to know what and where our pets have been. It’s not all the time that they behave well and often times their curiosity can get them into trouble. …

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Weight Loss: How to Eat Like Your Ancestors

Eating like your ancestors makes sense in many ways. Of course, there are varieties of delicious foods that your ancestors couldn’t eat since they hadn’t been discovered; it would be a shame to discount them. However, the human digestive system has not altered dramatically. In fact, it might be argued that although many people’s systems have adapted to a change …

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What to Do When Your Dog Eats Rocks

Does your dog eat rocks? This can be a source of frustration for you as a dog owner as well as dangerous to the health of your pet. It’s easy to see how a rock can become lodged in your dog’s intestinal tract and set up a life threatening obstruction. Your dog’s habit of eating rocks is known in the …

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