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A Virtual Tour of Coco Bongo: Mexico’s Hottest Night Club

Coco Bongo is the most popular nightclub in Cancun, Mexico. And the locals are sure to let all tourists know about this larger-than-life night club! Coco Bongo is an entertainment hub, dance club, and bar rolled into one. The club is inspired by the colorful Las Vegas entertainment. The Club Coco Bongo has a seating capacity of 1,800 in a …

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An Introduction to Niacin Detoxification Process

A niacin detox is a type of purification process that eliminate toxins in the body using niacin or vitamin B. Niacin is a type of water-soluble nutrient that has the ability to dilate the blood capillaries. And when it does, niacin promotes smoother, more efficient blood flow and improved circulation. Niacin also contains a compound called nicotinamide. This compound is …

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What to Expect Before and After a Heart Catheterization

Heart catheterization is a type of medical procedure used to diagnose and treat a variety of heart ailments. During the procedure, a thin, flexible tube called a catheter is inserted into a blood vessel in the arm, groin, or neck. The catheter is threaded to the heart. Although heart catheterization isn’t painful and the patient is awake and sedated during …

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