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7 Tips for Looking Great in Purple Eyeshadow

Add a burst of daring makeup color to your usual repertoire of neutrals and nudes. Sport a gorgeous ’80s eye makeup trend featuring berry and violet shades. Here’s how to properly apply purple eyeshadow.  1. Eye Redness and Under-eye Discolorations The jewel-toned eye makeup draws attention to any discolorations in your under-eye area. If you are going to put on purple …

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How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

Choosing the right eyeshadow to suit your eye color may seem difficult at first. After all, cosmetic shelves in stores are filled with a large color palette. Which eyeshadow colors suit you the best however, depends upon how they interact with the color and hue of your eyes. If you inspect a color wheel, you will notice that primary colors …

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