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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Purebred Golden Retriever Puppy

A golden retriever is the quintessential family dog. Generally, golden retrievers are smart, obedient dogs that go along well with kids and other pets. With a sunny disposition, a striking coat, and unmatched playfulness, golden retrievers are one of the most popular of all dog breeds. This dog breed was used as a hunting dog because the animal instinctively “retrieves” …

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Ways to Identify Your Parakeet’s Gender

The budgerigar – also known as the common parakeet or budgie – is a small, seed-eating parrot. It belongs to the Australian genus Melopsittacus. Because they’re from Australia, the budgies thrive in dry, warm climate. Budgies originally come in one color: green with yellow and black patterns. But now, they also come in other colors too. This is caused by …

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