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Harmful Chemicals Lurking in Your Shampoo

You might not know it, but your favorite shampoo might be making you sick! Just like most personal care products, regular shampoos are packed with a cocktail of toxic compounds. These compounds affect the body in many ways too. Some can disrupt the endocrine system, others cause cancer. So always check the label and avoid shampoos with these chemicals: Sulfates: …

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Harmful Food Combinations to Avoid at All Cost

Did you know that 1 in 3 American adults suffer from digestive issues? And that these medical issues are triggered by bad combinations of food? Unfortunately, certain food combinations cause an undesirable reaction to the gastrointestinal tract. These food combinations cause everything from an upset stomach to diarrhea. Below are 5 food combinations that are bad for the gut: Fresh …

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5 Ways That Sugar is Killing You

We always have those sweet cravings every now and then, which is a good thing. However, eating sweet foods isn’t a healthy practice. In fact, in recent studies and research conducted, the consumption of sugar is deadly. You might ask – Deadly? How come? What makes sugar harmful? Sugar contains glucose and fructose. Unlike glucose, fructose is metabolized exclusively (almost) …

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