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Does Acai Berry Juice Help You Lose Weight?

Acai berry juice is the latest media-driven weight loss miracle that has people flocking to health food stores in search of an easy way to shed pounds, but are these claims really valid?  Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) juice has been around for years and has never really been known to provide weight loss benefits.  That isn’t to say it is not …

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7 Amazing Foods for a Healthier Heart

Improving your diet is the best way to promote a healthier heart and a longer, more active life. While there are plenty of healthy dining options, some foods are more effective than others at keeping the heart in tip-top shape. Below is a list of the most beneficial heart-healthy foods that can be added to virtually any diet. 1. Fresh …

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Top 5 Cat Myths

Myths about cat health are circulated in the same manner as gossip. Often there is a reason they came into being, and occasionally there may be an element of truth. However, most health related cat myths could be harmful to cats if their owners take them seriously. 1. Myth: Cats have nine lives Cats are versatile creatures that, providing they …

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