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How to Create Homemade Perfumed Body Powder

Love the delicate scent of perfumed body powder? If you’re tired of skimping on that luxurious body powder because they can cost a pretty penny, then you’d be glad to know you can make your own scented body powder at home and it will be just as good as the expensive store-bought kind. Best of all, the materials can be …

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How to Make Amazing Homemade Bath Bombs

Baths are amazing but bath bombs can be costly at times. Now if you are like me who likes to take baths then you know that bath bombs are essential. However if you are looking for ways to save money from buying bath bombs, you can always make them at home! Yes, you can actually make homemade bath bombs and …

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Homemade Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur because of genetic factors, ill health, stress and poor treatment of hair. The main reason people look for homemade treatments that will help with hair regrowth however, is that they consider their hair loss to be a potentially permanent condition that cannot be fixed by eating a healthy diet, stopping using heated hair appliances or meditating …

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