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The Skin Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is derived from the oil seeds of the jojoba plant. The plant, which is a type of shrub, is native to North America. For decades, jojoba oil has been used extensively in the cosmetic industry. It is used as a skin, hair, and nail strengthener. Jojoba oil is packed with essential nutrients that keep the skin smooth and …

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The Pros and Cons of Laser Tattoo Removal

For most people, a tattoo is an art, the ultimate expression of one’s self. For others, tattoos are a source or regret, something that has to be eliminated for good. If you are dealing with bouts of tattoo regret, chances are, you want to have it removed. When it comes to tattoo removal, technology has come a long way. Laser …

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Can Garlic Kill Bacteria Naturally?

More people are taking garlic supplements or adding garlic to their food in hopes of getting some of the health benefits of this vegetable. Whether or not garlic actually reduces the risk of heart disease is still unproven although it does thin the blood, which may lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Some people also take garlic supplements …

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