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DIY Nourishing Lip Balms to Try in the Kitchen

With these super easy DIY lip balm recipes, you will never buy commercial lip balms ever again! Give these lip treats a try or make enough batch to start a small business: Rose and Coconut Lip Balm You will need: 1/8 cup organic coconut oil ¼ cup Beeswax 1/8 cup shea butter 1 teaspoon coconut extract ¼ cup fresh rose …

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7 Tips for Looking Great in Purple Eyeshadow

Add a burst of daring makeup color to your usual repertoire of neutrals and nudes. Sport a gorgeous ’80s eye makeup trend featuring berry and violet shades. Here’s how to properly apply purple eyeshadow.  1. Eye Redness and Under-eye Discolorations The jewel-toned eye makeup draws attention to any discolorations in your under-eye area. If you are going to put on purple …

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4 Steps to the Perfect Pinup Face

Retro beauty is all about strong brows, lips, and eyeliner contrasting with a bright complexion. It’s a glamorous look, but very simple to achieve. The basic makeup involves just a few products and four simple steps. 1. Skin True vintage beauty starts with flawless, matte skin. Use concealer to cover any blemishes or dark undereye circles. A cream-to-powder foundation will …

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