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How to Eliminate Pet Odors in the Home

Having a pet is one of life’s simplest joys. But most times, our canine or feline companion leaves entire home smelling stinky! Unfortunately, most pet owners do not realize the level of stink a pet leaves because they are used to the smell of their pets. To keep your home smelling fresh, here are our tips: To Eliminate Doggie Odors …

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Why Choose All-Natural, Flushable Cat Litter for Your Feline Friend

Cat litter works by absorbing your feline friend’s urine, cover feces and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. This product comes in various types, often in scented and non-scented forms. Scented cat litter works great to banish bad odors, but the fragrance may irritate the cat. On the other hand, non-scented can neutralize the smell but not mask overly-foul odor. Types of Cat …

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