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How to Prevent Clumpy Mascara and Spider Lashes

We cannot deny the fabulous impact of lush lashes. Some beauties can even get away with just a few  coats of mascara and a lip gloss! But clumpy mascara leaves the lashes looking like dead spider legs and that is not a good look! Of course, removing your full face of makeup is not an option if you are dealing …

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7 Tips for Looking Great in Purple Eyeshadow

Add a burst of daring makeup color to your usual repertoire of neutrals and nudes. Sport a gorgeous ’80s eye makeup trend featuring berry and violet shades. Here’s how to properly apply purple eyeshadow.  1. Eye Redness and Under-eye Discolorations The jewel-toned eye makeup draws attention to any discolorations in your under-eye area. If you are going to put on purple …

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Six Creative Ways to Reuse Mascara Wands

Ever finish off a tube of mascara and toss the thing in the trash, sure you’ll never need it again? If you use mascara regularly, you may go through as many as four or five different tubes a year… maybe even more. But once the mascara goes dry, you don’t have to ditch the whole kit and caboodle. Instead, try …

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