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How to Stop Irritating a Stomach Ulcer

Contrary to popular belief, excess stomach acids do not cause a stomach ulcer. This condition occurs when the stomach lining starts to erode, causing sores that become painful when in contact with stomach acids. A layer of mucous lining protects the stomach from its own digestive enzymes, including hydrochloric acid. When this protective layer erodes, it causes lesions in the …

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Living with Chronic Pain

Pain is something that we all experience. It can also come from wounds or injury but one must not suffer from pain for a long period. However, not all of us are aware that we are already suffering from chronic pain or even if we know we are in pain, we often ignore the signs and symptoms of it and …

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Cannabis Oil: Truth and Prejudice

You may have heard about cannabis oil but have no idea what it really is all about. When we say cannabis, we simple refer it to hash oil that is made from a mix of cannabinoids which is obtained from the cannabis plant by solvent extraction. This oil has three main ingredients which came from cannabis: herb, resin and oil. …

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