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The Best Grooming Products All Men Should Have

Is your cleaning routine limited to a bar or soap, shampoo, and a razor? Sounds like you need to give your morning routine a much-needed update. Unfortunately, most men do not go beyond shaving and washing their face/body with soap to groom themselves! Stocking up on essential grooming products will not only make you look great but feel even better. …

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How You Should (and Shouldn’t) Wear Men’s Colognes

Ran out of your favorite perfume? You can use your beau’s cologne! But before you think about wearing men’s perfume, know that there are right and wrong ways of wearing it. Unlike women’s cologne, men’s cologne has stronger notes. Some of the more interesting notes include peppercorn, leather, fig, and even whale vomit. You read that right — it’s called …

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Cut versus Uncut: The Battle Over Circumcision

The human body may have been evolving for millions of years but some cultures believe that evolution got it wrong. Take the male foreskin: chopping it off at birth is the preferred choice for many Americans and, for religious reasons, for many Jews and Muslims. The personal choice of the male involved plays no role whatsoever. The reasons for circumcision …

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