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How Bananas Protect from Cardiovascular Diseases

Banana is a type of berry produced by an herbaceous flowering plant that belongs in the genus Musa. The fruit is characterized by its soft, starchy flesh, green, red, or yellow rind, and curved shape. Bananas are some of the most nutritious fruits in the world. All species of bananas are a rich source essential vitamins and minerals that improve …

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Why Should You Take Routine Check Ups?

A routine checkup is a common type of preventive medicine to monitor the health and well-being of a patient on a regular basis. This checkup is usually conducted every year or less frequently. About two-thirds of patients and physicians believe that adults should have themselves checked every year. Unfortunately, not a lot of adults are actually being checked at the …

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The Bad Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

Soda is a refreshing drink. It’s good for those people who are not really hard drinkers but there’s also a downside to that. Worse, the diet soda you are taking is not really good for your health! So if you think that it’s not affecting your health, think again. There are some pretty nasty side effects on drinking too much …

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