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Herbs and Spices for Beautiful, Luminous Skin

Did you know that some herbs and spices in your kitchen address common skin issues? Forget about expensive creams and serums. Turn to your kitchen and look for these herbal remedies to achieve clear, luminous skin: Lemon Did you know that lemon extract is loaded with potent fruit extracts that kill germs, speed up cell turnover and restore luminosity? Lemon …

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Wart Removal Naturally

Warts are ghastly; it makes me think about the witches that I have seen as a child in cartoons and movies. They appear almost anywhere in the skin and can cause embarrassment or depression if not treated properly. What are warts? Warts are caused by viruses that make up benign skin growth. These warts mostly come from the human papillomavirus …

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6 Fruits to Eat for Healthy Glowing Skin

We all want beautiful skin but with all the stress and lifestyles that we have it’s easy to get pimples and skin breakouts. Not only that, constant exposure to pollutants and toxic environment can also damage the condition of your skin! Now having ugly skin is a big no and if you don’t want that to happen, start eating fruits! …

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