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Top 10 European City Break Destinations

Looking for a quick city getaway but don’t know where to go? Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned jetsetter, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Europe. Its city streets combine history and culture with modern amenities, and without losing their charm to wide-eyed travelers. Here are the top 10 European city break destinations to visit. 1. …

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5 Tips for Visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris

Paris is no doubt one of the most beautiful (and romantic!) cities in the world. But of the numerous museums, monuments, and cityscapes seen in the Parisian streets, one ancient structure stands out — the Notre Dame Cathedral. And you’ve never really see Paris until you visit this 850 year old cathedral. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a historic church; …

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Top 8 Cities Where There Are Available Jobs

1. New York Hey, New York isn’t the city of dreams for nothing. It’s a place where stars are born and millionaires are made! Considered as the US’ largest (and most popular) city, the Big Apple is big on amazing job and business opportunities. New York will forever be known as the US’ most stylish city but it’s also an …

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