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Visit Lake District

Traveling in England is one of the many choices by many backpackers. Not only is this place rich in history but it is also surrounded by the goodness of Mother Nature. Now if you are someone who loves exploring the wilderness, swim on rivers and lakes then Lake District in Cumbria is the place for you! ff you are considering …

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6 Dog Park Tips You Need to Know

Dog parks are popping up all over the place and it’s no wonder. A dog park serves as a neutral ground where unleashed dogs can interact and learn socialization skills while humans can relax and enjoy the show. And what a show it can be at times as dogs frolic and play in the company of other like minded canines. …

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7 Great Things About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh can’t seem to shake its bad rap as decaying industrial city, but those who’ve visited lately know it is an emerging financial and technological center that also boasts picturesque scenery, a stable and affordable housing market and lots of charm. It’s no mistake that Pittsburgh ranks at or near the top of any “most livable city” list. The list …

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