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Soothe Sunburn with These Home Remedies

Frolicking on the beach is fun until you get painful lesions and blisters from the sun. UVA and UVB rays from the sun burn the skin and triggers premature aging. So make it a habit to wear sunblock every time you go out. Sunblock is youth in a bottle. Slather more if you are on the beach! If you got …

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Treating Ich in Betta Fish

Ich refers to a common disease that affects all types of marine aquarium fish and freshwater fish. It’s caused by protozoan Ichthyopthirius. If you have a pet fish, you will encounter this disease at some point. Although ich is very easy to treat, it is the most common cause of fish deaths. Treating the disease is one thing, it’s another …

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Foods That Protect From Ovarian Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, the new cases of ovarian cancer in the US reached 21,980 in 2014. An estimated 14,270 deaths from ovarian cancer was recorded last year in the US alone. Ovarian cancer ranks as the 5th most common cancer deaths in women. The good news is, the kinds of food we eat cuts the risk of …

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