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Important Factors to Consider Before Getting a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are a common house pet because they are generally clean, cute, and cuddly. But despite all appearances, rabbits are not for everyone. This goes especially if you have children at home. Before getting a pet rabbit, here are certain factors you need to consider: Not Ideal for Children Because they are cute and cuddly, rabbits are often given to …

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Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide: Types, Features and Factors to Consider

A rabbit hutch is a housing unit made specifically for pet rabbits. Unlike average cages, rabbit hutches feature different areas for eating, sleeping and socializing. These housing units keep your beloved pet warm and protected from the elements. Think of rabbit hutches as condos for bunnies! Rabbit hutches come in a wide range of sizes and features. The larger the …

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How to Entertain and Play with Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are wonderful animals. They are also curious and playful creatures by nature which is why many people choose to adopt them as pets. Just like your pet cats and dogs, rabbits also need physical activity to keep them strong and active. Now if you are a first time rabbit owner then know that keeping them entertained by playing is …

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