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The Dangers of Sleeping Pill Abuse

Sleeping pills are drugs prescribed to insomniacs or people who suffer from sleepless nights or disturbed sleep. In the US, about 10% of adults suffer from sleeping disorders. Sleeping pills are formulated with sedatives and downers to induce sleep. Although strictly used to treat insomnia, some people tend to get addicted to sleeping pills. Statistics show that severe pill abuse …

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Facts About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a type of alternative treatment used to create subconscious changes in a patient to develop new responses, behaviors and attitude. This treatment addresses a wide range of health and behavioral problems such as trauma, depression, addiction and so much more. The concept behind Hypnotherapy is to heighten the suggestibility and responsiveness of a patient to overcome a certain …

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5 Bedtime Yoga to Help You Sleep Better

You’ve drank lots of chamomile tea and counted hundreds of sheep and still, getting a good night’s rest is a constant struggle. Lack of a good night’s sleep not only makes you feel more tired and weary the next day, it could cause a myriad of health problems too. Yoga is a type of mental, spiritual, and physical practice that …

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