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Keeping a Snake as a Pet? Here are the Important Factors You Need to Know

Some types of snakes can be kept as pets. In fact, snakes are fast becoming some of the most popular animals kept as pets. Most snakes make good pets because they are surprisingly docile and easy to take care of. These animals are naturally clean, virtually odorless, and are quiet. Other than pythons and boas, snakes do not require regular …

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How to Catch a Snake: How to Make a Snake Catcher

Snakes are usually found in parts of the forests and in the wild but if you live in a place where these slithering creatures are often found, it’s not surprising if you see them hanging around your backyard. Often times when a snake is found in your yard, the first thing you might think of is killing it. However, that …

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6 Best Pet Reptiles for Beginners

Keeping reptiles for pets is not like keeping a pet dog or cat — whereas Fido and Fluffy are domestic animals whose ancestors were bred to live alongside us, even captive bred reptiles are still wild animals. Some require a level of care and skill befitting only experienced zookeepers, while others may thrive in the hands of dedicated beginners. The …

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