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Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome: Signs and Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Did you know that almost 50% of foals and about a third of adult horses are afflicted with Equine gastric ulcer? In fact, ulcer is the most common medical condition in foals and horses. On the other hand, over 60% of show horses and 90% of racehorses are afflicted with moderate to severe ulcers. Equine gastric ulcer disease or EGUD …

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How to Stop Irritating a Stomach Ulcer

Contrary to popular belief, excess stomach acids do not cause a stomach ulcer. This condition occurs when the stomach lining starts to erode, causing sores that become painful when in contact with stomach acids. A layer of mucous lining protects the stomach from its own digestive enzymes, including hydrochloric acid. When this protective layer erodes, it causes lesions in the …

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