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Interpreting Dogs Through Their Tail

Ever wonder what your pooch is trying to tell you? Turns out, a dog’s wagging tail mirrors the animal’s emotions. By interpreting these subtle signs, you can tell what your dog’s mood, disposition, and feelings are! Get to know your beloved pet by interpreting their tail wags: Stiff Tail, Tense Body If the dog’s tail is stiff, held in a …

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How to Treat a Leopard Gecko’s Dropped Tail

It’s normal for lizards to drop their tails. This is a defensive mechanism called “autotomy.” Autotomy occurs when the lizard senses predatory danger. It will literally use its own tail to distract predators. Don’t worry, no matter how severe the wound looks, the tail will grow back! Of course, it’s equally important to observe certain things to ensure your pet …

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