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Understanding the Digestion Process to Achieve Better Health

Digestion is a biological process that breaks down the food you eat. This process starts in the mouth. Once food enters the mouth, the teeth break it down into smaller pieces. Then, the food is moved in the small intestines via the esophagus. As the food enters the stomach, it is mixed with digestive juices to break it down to …

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Understanding Omega-3 Fatty Acids

To maintain healthy organs, we need friendly fats to assist in various body processes. These fats maintain normal development and growth. Of all friendly fats derived from the food we eat, omega-3 fatty acids are the most beneficial to the health. The body cannot produce these nutrients on its own. We get our essential fatty acids from the food we …

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Understanding How Metabolism Works

Whether you’re a fitness buff or you’ve been dieting your whole life, you’re probably familiar with the concept of metabolism. But can you really understand how the process works and how it can affect your weight loss program? It’s easy to blame your slow metabolism for your failed attempts at slimming down. Try understanding what metabolism is all about and …

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