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Top 10 Cities in USA for Living

New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas all sound like great places to live in. Teeming with culture, you will always find something to do in these busy cities. But how much are you willing to trade for the high life? Working two or more jobs, eating fast food, and exposing yourself regularly to noise and pollution is no way …

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Top 7 Destinations To Avoid Because of Radiation

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with exploring unchartered territories but we draw the line when it comes to vacationing in radioactive destinations. You’d be surprised to know that many countries, including Ireland, Poland and even Sweden, have high level of radiation in the air and in their waters! In this post, we are listing down perhaps some of the worst radioactive …

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Top 5 Amusement Parks in the World

What’s your best memory as a child? Mine was going to amusement parks! There’s something magical about these places that even adults love them. Now if you love going to amusement parks, then you must go and visit the best ones in the world. Here are the top five amusement parks in the world that you will surely enjoy. 1. …

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