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Healthy Foods that Promote Better Vision

Did you know 39 million people all over the world suffer from visual problems? And that 82% of people living with blindness are aged 50 years old and above? Visual impairment is typically caused by aging and refractive errors. Once visual problems set in, it is hard, if not impossible, to reverse their effects. The good news is, eating certain …

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What are the Health Benefits of Leeks?

Leeks are a type of vegetable closely related to shallots, garlic, and onion. Cultivated as a garnish, vegetable, and seasoning, leeks pack quite the nutritional punch. This vegetable helps detoxify the liver, improves digestion, and promotes better immunity. In today’s post, we are exploring the many health benefits of leeks: Strengthens the Immune System Leeks boasts of a long list …

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