20 Fantastic Tropical Beaches to Visit

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

A picturesque tropical beach as a winter getaway makes for a smart vacation idea. Imagine frolicking in one of the world’s most spectacular warm-climate beaches as you wait away the passing of the cold months.

Here are 20 of the world’s great tropical beaches to consider as your holiday vacation destination.

1. Bamboo Island Beach, Thailand

Thailand is one of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to gorgeous beaches! First on our list is the Bamboo Island Beach. Located in Southern Thailand and protected by cliffs of limestone that tame the waves, the fantastic Bamboo Island is a remote tropical paradise of white sand and shimmering turquoise-colored waters. It is near the bustling Maya Bay, where the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer, The Beach, was filmed.

Located in Phuket, the natural beauty of Bamboo Island Beach is protected thanks to its status of National Park. Besides enjoying the sun and the sand on Thailand’s most visited beach, it is also a hotspot for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, feeding the fish and other recreational water activities. There are only two seasons on the Island – the hot season and the rainy season. Vacationers will want to be sure to visit between January and April, which is the Island’s hot season.

For accommodations, hotel stays are more expensive and the price gets higher for beach front rooms. But that doesn’t mean Bamboo Island Beach isn’t backpackers-friendly. In fact, there are a lot of little dorms and hostels across the island.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to relax or have an adventure, Bamboo Island is the perfect island destination.

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  1. I messed up. I went to the Great Lakes in the summer and it has all this, in America 100X’s cheaper and waaaaay less travel. See that pic above of Bamboo Island Beach In Thailand? Now check out ANY picture of Rock Harbor, on Isle Royale out in the mid-northern part of Lake Superior. Just think, they have stinky, sticky salt water in the 3rd world with tons of sharks, jellyfish snakes and 3rd world crowded beaches with the crime. Now that you know I’m not B.S.ing, look at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, also on Lake Mother Superior. Then Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan. There, now you can trump any of the world’s best beaches, stay in America, save travel time for more vaca and with these 3 places, you will be busy for years. Your Welcome. Hope this info saves you a 100 Grand and a stolen passport. ISLE ROYALE FOREVER!

    • Clearly you have never been to the beaches in southern Thailand. If you had you would understand just how utterly assinine your assertions truly are.

      • So, are you saying that there is not a single beach in southern Thailand where one can venture into the water?

        Why not? Because of blue bottle jellyfish?

    • The problem is the 9 months of winter in Rock Harbor. But it is beautiful during the summer. Although the beaches in Thailand are spectacular, and the weather is perfect almost all year. They BOTH should be on your bucket list…

    • HAHAHA!!! I’ve been to 60 countries and 41 states and I would never spend a dime to visit Michigan’s “beaches”. You can get to Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico for $500 and have 88 degrees year-round, sun and the place all to yourself. No passport required. You have been watching too many movies. In 30 years of traveling the world I have never had one problem.

    • Just think, you can actually go into the water in Thailand.

      Just think.

  2. Ipanema is great, particularly if you want to avoid the crowds, but if you want be in the middle of it all, Copa Cabana beach is only about a 10 minute walk away.

  3. The seems to have limited travel experience…Have been to most of them but most of them does not even fare well to a handful of beaches in the Philippine Island so I was amazed not even 1 of those gems was not on the list.

  4. Hahaha Cebu, Philippines has far more and better beaches than all those 20 combined. Plus you get a lot of little falls and whale shark watching to boot too! Just wondering of the thousand beautiful beaches not one in the Philippines.

  5. That pic of Palau Perhentian sure looks like another island in Malaysia, scene of the mythical Bali Hai in the movie South Pacific: Palau “I’m not telling you. Find it yourself.”

    I’ve been to a lot of these places, and while they are all worth mentioning, I do not understand the inclusion of a beach in Barbados with “huge waves” while posting a pic of a totally placid sea.

    Slapdash, done way too fast, journalism.

  6. Augusto Manuell Trigueiro Comu

    Actually the Hell is the best place to vacation….or Siria…..lol

  7. WOW Dont know about NAVIO beach in Vieques Puerto Rico but ill tell i go to Flamenco Beach in a small Pto Rican Island called Culebra of the East Coast of PR. Like David Towner said been my self to 27 Countries around the World and ill tell you ill go there in a heart beat. No Passport and its cheap to get there from Mainland. Also for extra 70 to 100 bucks you could fly to the US Virgin Islands. St Croix, St Thomas or St John. Beaches there are awesome and crystal clear……Christmas 2015 here we come!!!!

  8. Go to Destin Florida the emerald coast is safe and friendly with better deals. It is nicer than any beach shown here.

  9. Always_wear_a_smile

    How about Boracay Island in the Philippines?

    • too much wind,too many kite surfers,too much noise,too much people and so on

      • Maybe 15 years ago Boracay was a gem of a place, but now it is just one big building site,White beach is deteriating fast with all the crap that is being pumped into it from the building work,plus there are to many people stagering up and down the beach especialy from station one and two,three is ok now,but it will end up the same way,I live here and I can see it getting worse evry year.

  10. this is very beautiful. Every location have something pretty

  11. Here in Brazil we have a lot of more beautiful beaches that Ipanema.

    anyone wishing to visit Brazil, I give hint: run away from Rio de Janeiro

  12. it is amazing

  13. of all beaches I prefere Las teresitas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.Just like the Carrebiean or Bahamas but within the civilization.No problems at all and the scenery is unique !

  14. Just curious… where is the beach that the initial teaser picture portrayed… the one that had the appearance of being somewhat secluded, interior to a cave with the large, circular opening above the beach?

    • I couldn’t find it again to refer back to it, but I think the pic you are referring to was taken in Ile de la Digue, Seychelles.

  15. The Best has been hidden and it is The Maldives

  16. I hope you have time to visit Vietnam. There are many beautiful beaches in my country. Such as: Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc Island, Mui Ne, etc. Because we are not good in advertisement, so you don’t know more about my countries.

    • I think Vietnam also has beautiful beaches such as Halong bay, 2 times recognized by UNESCO as world heritage, Ly Hoa beach (Quang Binh province) a small but
      discret, perhaps unique nude one throughout vietnam where I once experienced myself with eastgerman female and male visitors. Try and enjoy it at once.

    • I want to visit vietnam. Hope I can manage the time for it! 🙂

    • The Rio de Janeiro is too better….The Brasil is the best.

  17. Los Roques in Venezuela, Mochima National Park, Los Cayos in Falcón venezuela, and Morrocoy National Park in Venenzuela

  18. I see in my country ( Vietnam ) , due to terrain stretches so there are many beaches and beautiful resorts such as Ha Long Bay , Cat Ba Island , Nha Trang , Phu Quoc , Mui Ne .. We invite everyone to come and experience the beauty of nature unspoiled nature of my country …

  19. Very beautiful places and amazing photos .In my opinions the most beautiful beaches is located in Ionian sea ! the best climate and beauty !.In the photo Avlaki beach in Corfu .

  20. Here is a picture of my favourite beach from the sky. This was taken in Padang Bai, Bali!

  21. Your’re definitely bored because you have not mentioned Boracay and El Nido, Palawan Philippines. Nothing beats these two destinations. IMHO.

  22. The best place and beaches to visit is Cabo Verde, West Africa, in Central Atlantic Ocean, 3,5 flight hours from South America and Europe and 6,5 flight hours from USA. The biggest beach is almost 20 km long, Santa Mónica, Chaves, Sal rei, In Boavista and other beaches like Baia das Gatas, Laginha, São Pedro, Salamansa, Flamengo, Calhau, Palha Carga, Jon Debra, in São Vicente,, Santa Maria, Murdeira, Palmeira in Sal island, Porto Ingles in Maio Island, Salina in Fogo Island, all with 26º Celsius Degrees, throughout the year. These are best beaches in a very, very quite nation. One of the best nations and people in the world.

  23. Please visit Kiluan Bay / Gigi Hiu Stone Tanggamus, Lampung Sumatra southern Indonesia. Natural exceptional work.

  24. What about San Blas Islands in Panama? Breathtaking waters and views from each of the 300 islands in this place.

  25. Queen beach Montenegro

  26. What about Los Roques, Tortuga Island and Morrocoy in Venezuela? Those are very beautiful beaches very visited by foreign tourists.

  27. Spendlifetraveling.com

    Shared 🙂 Great article if you need some inspiration for your next tropical vacation!