6 Common Myths about Flying That Isn’t True

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Flying is one of the best ways to travel especially when you are going overseas and into another country. However, sitting on the plane for long hours can be tiring and you can’t help but think about things that could happen in air while flying. Scary but there are myths about flying that people made up that made no sense but is actually a bit unnerving when you think about it and it’s easy to believe these ‘facts’ if you haven’t experience flying yourself! But you don’t have to worry about that as we have gathered the six myths about flying and busted the real deal about them!

1. Opening the airplane door can bring the whole plane down

Not unless you have strength like the Hulk or Superman! Since the whole plane is pressurized once on air, it’s impossible to open the plane’s door from the inside. This means that the cabin pressure cannot let you open the door no matter what you do. So in case you find someone who is going bonkers and is trying to open the door, keep calm and remember this article.

2. Small holes in the plane can lead to big ones and will suck people right out

Again, since the airplane is pressurized, a small hole will not harm the plane. However a small hole in the plane’s fuselage is something to worry about. So there’s no need to panic on that, unless of course this small hole does cause problems to the plane’s function ability then maybe but don’t believe everything you hear!

3. Electronic gadgets can crash planes

Have you heard anyone tell you that if you don’t turn off your phone during takeoff, the plane will crash? Truth is, this has not been proven and no evidence ever came out that electronic devices can cause the plane to crash or is hazardous during takeoff. Even pilots have their own gadgets on at times.

4. Human wastes are dump mid-air

This is not true; according to FAA it is physically impossible for the pilot to dump a tank while flight and all human wastes are taken off the plane once they land. So if ever you get hit by human waste, it’s probably someone on parachutes but even that is an impossible act to do!

5. You can get stuck in the toilet if you flush down while sitting

Really? This myth was probably made up by kids. Experiments have been conducted and despite serious suction, standing up and flushing the toilet is not a problem, not at all.

6. Recirculated air is said to make you sick

It’s not the air that’s making you sick but rather the pressure that’s inside the plane when it’s taking off. About 99% of the air inside the plane is pressurized fresh air and is filtered from bacteria and viruses. So if ever you feel sick, it might have been something you contacted before you set foot on that plane.

Now that you know these myths, try not to freak out when boarding the plane. Flying may be uncomfortable for first time flyers but as you go along and have many adventures, it will be easy as pie. You won’t even worry about those myths anymore! Of course there are other myths about flying but if you are still worried, make sure you research on them first, this way you are sure about flying. So sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!