A Virtual Tour of Coco Bongo: Mexico’s Hottest Night Club

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Coco Bongo is the most popular nightclub in Cancun, Mexico. And the locals are sure to let all tourists know about this larger-than-life night club! Coco Bongo is an entertainment hub, dance club, and bar rolled into one. The club is inspired by the colorful Las Vegas entertainment.

The Club

Coco Bongo has a seating capacity of 1,800 in a multi-level arrangement to provide a great view of the stage. The club, which is located in Playa del Carmen, features large video screens, professionally synchronized lighting and a massive dance floor. Dozens of professional dancers donning colorful, intricate costumes perform every night. The show features stunning acrobatic performances, dance, and impersonators. The show is punctuated by gallons of confetti and balloons that never fail to get the crowd going!

The Show

Coco Bongo is notorious for its over the top performances. Flying acrobats perform mind-bending stunts while Congo dancers keep the crowd entertained for hours. Other acts include music from Beyoncé, the Beatles, Guns n’ Roses, and other iconic performers.

Every 20 minute or so, a celebrity impersonator will take the stage together with backup dancers to perform a montage of songs.  All the performances are show stopping, elaborate and well-choreographed.

As far as the music goes, the genre will vary. The club features a mix of dance tunes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

What to Expect

Expect a dizzying show full of stunts, pumping music, and hundreds of spectators! Going to the Coco Bongo is all about the experience, rather than actual clubbing. The club is all about entertaining guests with a mind-blowing combination of stunts and music.

As soon as you enter the club, you will be ushered into a certain section of the club (the balcony, table, or steps) by a cocktail waiter. From there, you can move around freely to get the best view of the stage. However, we recommend staying in your place and enjoying the show. The seats are arranged in such a way that it guarantees a great view of the stage. In addition, the waiters are very attentive despite running a tight ship.

Other Thoughts

The show starts around 10 PM or 11 PM so go early and stay the whole show so you don’t miss any of the amazing performances. The club is open Monday through Saturday and does not accept anyone under 18 years old. Just in case, bring an ID.

The cover charge will vary. From Monday to Thursday, regular customers will pay $65 and $130 for Gold Members. From Friday to Saturday, the regular ticket will set you back $70 and $150 for Gold Members. The Gold Members will be ushered to a specific section of the club that only holds 120 members.

The club is packed during the weekends so it is not the best place for those looking for an intimate night out. Also, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes.  Finally, if you want to save a few bucks, opt for the open bar package or the club tour package.