Back Packer Travel: The Perfect Way to See the World

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Feeling adventurous? How about taking that long trip and go travel around the world? Sounds fun right! Of course, traveling is always fun but there are a few perks on it. One is that, you must have the right funds before you decide to travel and two you must know where you are going and how much you will be spending on that. Sounds tricky right? But have you ever wondered why there are people who can just go and do it? If you do then you must know the best ways to travel the world without worrying about how much money you will be spending or what. Here are the best ways to do that!

Join the Peace Corps

Although this requires you to commit two full years with the corps, it’s something that you should consider. Many people who join the Peace Corps have the privilege to travel all over the world. Not only that, you get to work with different sectors in this organization. In exchange for that, you get a housing and living allowance, re-adjustment stipend after you have completed your two years and full medical as well as dental coverage. So if you want to travel the world, this is something you should consider.

Apply for work in a Cruise Ship

While this might not allow you to get on shore all the time and explore, you can definitely go and try this. Working in a cruise ship allows you to work with different people and visit places while earning money. Some of these cruise ship companies take good care of their employees too; there’s housing and food coverage as well. You can also choose an option of staying for a few months or staying for a year. Either way, it’s a good way to travel around the world.

Teach English

If you want to live in another country, try teaching English. Asian countries like South Korea, Nepal, China and Japan are open for foreign people who are willing to become an English teacher there. You can check out the companies that can help you get this job. The options are endless if you look into it.

Work on a traveling blog

There are companies who pay people to travel around and blog. You get to travel and talk about your experiences! Not only are you able to see places, you get to be involved with it by telling people about it. Now if that’s not a sweet way to go then I don’t know what else! You can check people or companies that organize this kind of work; see if you can qualify and can eventually get your backpack ready for an adventure!

If these won’t work for you then you can choose to go and travel on your own or with some friends. Just be sure that you have the essentials that you need; money, plane ticket and lots of courage. However, if you want to earn money while traveling, consider these options. Nothing can harm you if you try anyway. As what a famous movie line goes, “Adventure is out there!”, make sure to find one of your own.