Benefits of Timeshare Accommodations

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A timeshare is a piece of property that is jointly owned by two individuals who use said property at different times of the year. Usually, these pieces of property are apartments or condominiums that are close to vacation spots, the beach, resorts, or other attractions.

Depending on the agreement, the co-owners could swap their timeshare for another in a different location. This type of arrangement is advantageous to frequent travelers or those who visit a specific country several times every year. Timesharing is ideal for most people because it is cheaper than booking a hotel or a room.

What is a Timesharing Tour?

A timesharing tour is a presentation of the property being offered for co-ownership. Usually, hosts of these events (resort or hotels) use gifts, freebies, and incentives – such as show tickets, free weekend stay, goodie bags, etc. – to attract prospective clients. Because salesmen tend to be quite aggressive during these events, we recommend attending one at the busiest hour. Be upfront to the sales person to avoid being pressured into making a purchase.

The Benefits of Timeshare Accommodations

Spacious Accommodation

Even the largest hotel room will pale in comparison with a timeshare property. Most timeshare accommodations are spacious. These properties come complete with a fully equipped kitchen, a comfy living area, a fireplace, an entertainment room, play area and other features. The bathroom could come with nifty extras such as hot tubs, Jacuzzis, etc. Home cleaning services, washer, and dryer are also available.

Onsite Amenities

Timeshare properties come with onsite amenities similar to the ones featured in hotels or resorts. These amenities include a swimming pool, hot tubs, tennis court, and a gym. Other nearby and onsite amenities include spas, health and beauty centers, fitness centers, and entertainment hubs. If the timeshare accommodation is near vacation spots, it may feature off-site activities such as boating, skiing, swimming, water sports, and diving. Certain activities geared towards children are also available. Finally, there are timeshares that offer cruises, which is a great choice for couples.

Convenient Locations

Again, timeshare accommodations are typically near a local attraction. Having a place to stay takes away the frustrations of booking a hotel or a resort at peak season. You have a place all to yourself, guaranteed at the time that is most convenient to you.

Money Saver

Being a timeshare owner is less expensive than booking a hotel or a resort several times per year. Timeshare accommodations are relatively affordable. You will have the space you like and share it with your family and friends.

Timeshare owners also love the flexibility of where and when to travel to a specific place for a vacation. And if you decide to spend your vacation someplace else, you can swap units for another destination. Finally, most timeshare owners are only required to an annual maintenance fee to the resort. This is convenient because it eliminates the hassles of paying for monthly fees, utility charges, cleaning services and insurance fees of an average condomium unit or apartment. Timeshare accommodations can be willed to family members too.