Cape Cod and the Pilgrims – Historic Landmarks

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If you love traveling and you live in the United States, there are so many interesting and wonderful places that you could visit in one state alone. With all the places to choose from, you need to choose ones that are not only interesting but full of history as well. This will give you a wonderful time traveling! One of the best places to travel to is Cape Cod and the Pilgrim. This place is full of historic landmarks that you will surely love. Here are awesome places that you can go to.

The Pilgrim Monument

This monument is a 252 foot tall tower that can be found in Cape Cod, in Provincetown. This monument overlooks the harbor where the Mayflower was first dropped its anchor. The Pilgrims then went ashore and took their first step in the New World on November 9, 1620 after being two months at sea. This monument signifies that moment.

The tower was constructed in 1907 when President Theodore Roosevelt traveled in Provincetown to lay the structure’s cornerstone. In 1910, the monument opened its towers to the people of Provincetown with President William Howard Taft as part of its dedication. Now if you want to go visit other places while in Cape Cod, the Pilgrim Monument offers tourists the Provincetown Museum which showcases the town’s colorful history.

First Encounter Beach

Another interesting site that you can find in Cape Cod is the First Encounter Beach. This was named First Encounter because after a few months since the Pilgrims settled, a group of native Indians attacked their camp on December 6th. This camp was on the shore of what is now Eastham. The pilgrims fired a few gunshots and the attacks ceased. However, the following morning, the camp was attacked by the members of the Nauset tribe. They set up camp that evening on the shore of what is now Eastham. The following night they were awoken by the sounds of what they believed to be an indian attack. The Pilgrims fired a few gunshots, and the noises ceased. According to reports, the Pilgrims thought that it was because of the corn they stole from the fields but it was because they unknowingly desecrated an indian burial site at Corn Hill. Although no one was hurt in the encounter, the Pilgrims referred to this event as the First Encounter. A plaque was placed in this site in remembrance of the said event.

Corn Hill

Upon exploring the area, the Pilgrims saw a small group of Indians who immediately ran away. By November 16, 1620 they have anchored ashore, there they were able to find fresh water and buried indian corn. Since they were all starving and looking for food, the Pilgrims took as much corn as they can from the area and then called the site as Corn Hill. Today, Corn Hill is a town named Truro where a beautiful public beach can be located. It is open for locals and tourists alike who wants to spend time under the sun.

Pilgrims Land at Plymouth

After landing in Eastham, the Pilgrims continue to search for other places. However their boat was damaged during a storm that they landed on the first and nearest land that they can find. Soon they found out that the land is great with soil for planting, water and harbor. So the party left and returned to Mayflower with the good news. By December 16th that year, they all relocated to the area. This area is now called Plymouth and it is 75 miles from Provincetown in Cape Cod.

So if you happen to be in Cape Cod, make sure to visit these historic places. You might just enjoy the whole experience. Good luck!