Chic Las Vegas Weddings

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Often, a  Las Vegas wedding brings to mind trashy, quickie wedding between two very inebriated individuals who are bound to regret their decision the morning after ala Britney Spears. But there’s more to Las Vegas weddings than makeshift mini-chapels and gaudy drive-through weddings. Las Vegas could be the perfect venue for a modern—dare we say—stylish wedding. Today, we’re listing down some of the chicest places in Vegas for a wedding:

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a far cry from the back alley mini-chapels that Vegas is infamous for. With a distinct air of exclusivity, the Mandarin Oriental hosts some of the most expensive wedding packages in the city. It’s one of the newest hotels on the strip.

The interior and exterior of the hotel itself is a sight to behold, with its lavish furnishings, eye-catching décor, and sleek, modern aesthetics. The restaurants and ballrooms feature fabulous spaces for wedding parties. But if you think the Mandarin Oriental caters only to high flyers and rich folks, think again. The hotel offers modest wedding packages too! The Mandarin Oriental boasts of gorgeous views, fine dining, and delicious gourmet food to delight guests.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

What would Vegas be without the world famous Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino? The Mandalay Bay is a landmark in Las Vegas, and surprisingly, a great wedding venue too. This tropical-themed hotel has a very chic wedding chapel. Would-be newlyweds are presented with numbers of unique wedding packages, ceremonies, and receptions. The hotel also has ten different wedding venues to choose from if you don’t want to get hitched in their main chapel.

The Rumor Hotel

Gloriously modern and elegantly furnished, The Rumor Hotel is a chic boutique hotel with a strong Miami feel to it. The contemporary furnishing, on-site catering, and modern spaces make it a great choice for intimate weddings. This hotel is situated slightly off-Strip but if you want a stylish wedding that won’t make much of a dent to your savings, the Rumor Hotel is a great option.

CityCenter Las Vegas

The CityCenter is comprised of three hotels — each one offering a gorgeous selection of wedding venues to choose from. The CityCenter can host a wedding ceremony, reception, and even after-party cocktails if you’re so much inclined! Would-be newlyweds will be presented with different venues for the ceremony, including a suite at Aria, Cosmopolitan, or Vdara. You can also do photo sessions at CityCenter’s art pieces. Aria, in particular, has a newly opened, dedicated wedding chapel.

On the other hand, Cosmopolitan features a luxurious range of artworks that are perfect to set the mood for the romantic event. Aria and Vdara’s modern landscapes and waterscapes make for a stunning backdrop for wedding pictures.

Platinum Hotel

The Platinum Hotel is one of the few non-gaming hotels in Las Vegas. Located just a stone’s throw away from the strip, the Platinum hotel offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues in chic, modern interiors. Would-be newlyweds could choose anywhere from a rooftop cocktail reception to a pool-top ceremony complete with a Lucite catwalk!