Crossing the Line: Adventures in the Equator

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When it comes to travel destinations, going to the Equator is not really the first thing to have in mind. You might think who would like to go to the center of the earth anyway? But before you dismiss that thought, consider it again. The Equator is more fun than you think and here are the reasons why.

Get to know the Equator first

The equator is simply an imaginary line that divides the earth into the Southern and Northern hemisphere. As weird as it sound but there’s that “line” that divides the North and South poles into equal distance which is why it is called the middle part of the earth. Now if you want to go to the equator, you must know these first.

There’s a high risk of getting sick there

If you are not from around the area, chances are you might get asthma or other breathing related allergies. This is because according to studies, living in the equator exposes you to high risk of ultraviolet-B exposure which comes from the sun. Because of this exposure, the immune system becomes slightly weak making you prone to allergies.

Although it’s at the center of the earth, it’s not always hot

Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not always hot in the equator. In fact, you can even find snow there. Perhaps the highest point that you can find in this region is the Volcan Cayambe which is in Ecuador. This volcano is about 4,690 meters high and the slopes have snow. So if you think they haven’t seen snow just because they live in the equator then you have been corrected.

It’s night time during day time

Unlike any other countries, the equator only has 12 hours in one day. So it’s either you have the longest day or the longest night. Plus it’s always sunny in the equator so if you like being basked in the sun at all times, this must be the best place for you.

About 20% of people live below the equator

The northern part of the equator has more inhabitants compared to the southern hemisphere.

You weigh lesser there

Because of the planet’s rotation and the tendency to stay in a straight line while moving, the gravitational field becomes uneven. It is also because of the gravitational pull that makes one person “weigh less” than their actual weight but don’t get too excited and you will only have a 0.5% weight difference than your actual weight!

It has one of the greatest natural diversity

If you love forests and the animals living in forests then this is the place to go to. Although the equator only has 12 countries within its span, these countries are home to the earth’s greatest natural diversity. In fact, the equator holds 50% of the world’s animal and plant life as well as the three largest forests in the world: the Congo, Indonesia and Brazil to be exact.

So now you know what to expect when traveling to the equator think about it. It may not be the first place in mind to visit but it’s always a good way to travel and experience these first hand, right? Besides, if you are open to new things, this could turn out to be a good one for you. So go ahead and book that trip! You might just enjoy the people, food and culture in that part of the world!