Famous Places to Visit in Arizona

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Traveling is always a great way to unwind. That is why it is important to pick the right destination before you decide to travel. Now if you are planning to go to the United States then you are in luck! Each state offers a wide variety of places to go and visit. If you prefer a place where you can trek and has lots of wonderful tourist attractions to go to then the best place to be is in Arizona.

If you love places with beautiful canyons and valleys then Arizona can provide you with that. Not only that, there are also waterfalls and great historical sites that you will surely enjoy exploring. So if you want to visit Arizona, here are the top seven places to go:

Grand Canyon

Dubbed as one of the best attractions to see in the US, the Grand Canyon is a massive structure carved over millions of years by the Colorado River. This national park contains two main areas, the North and South Rim. In addition to that, there are places where visitors can enjoy a wonderful time in scenic areas as they go biking, hiking, fishing, and many more. You can even get your own helicopter tour if you want!


These famous red sandstone formations are among the many popular tourist attractions you can find in Arizona. Here you will find the world-famous landmarks like the Thunder Mountain, Coffeepot and the Cathedral Rock. There are also museums, art galleries and many others surrounding these areas where tourists can enjoy.

Monument Valley

One of the best landscapes that you can find in Arizona can be found in the Monument Valley. This landscape has been used as backdrops for many western movies and other movie genres. You can find this wonderful site on the Arizona-Utah state line in the Four Corners area.

Havasu Falls

If you love waterfalls then you will also love the Havasu Falls. Ranked as the most photographed places in Grand Canyon, this waterfall is a natural pool of blue-green waters with a plunge height of 120 feet. To get to the site, you can take the 8 mile hike, go there by horse or if you love traveling by air, a helicopter ride!

Saguaro National Park

Found in the Sonoran desert in Tucson, this park is about 91,000 acres and is surrounded by saguaro cactuses. Besides these cacti, this park offers historic sites, wildlife viewing and prehistoric petroglyphs for inquisitive tourists. You can also go biking, hiking and even plan a picnic as you enjoy the scenarios in this beautiful park.

Canyon de Chelly

This area is owned by the Navajo Nation and is seated in the northeastern part of Arizona. The Canyon de Chelly National Monument also serves as shelter for several Navajo families for more than 5,000 years. Tourists can visit the monument’s famous Mummy Cave and Spider Rock which is sandstone that stands about 750 feet upwards.

Montezuma Castle

If you love ancient dwellings then you will enjoy the Montezuma castle. This castle can be found in Camp Verde and is said to be dating back to the 12th century. The said castle is about five stories which contain 20 rooms and was used by the Sinagua people. Its closest comparison resembles a high rise apartment complex. Today this castle is home to museum displays of relics and artifacts that were used by the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.

So if ever you decide to visit Arizona, don’t forget to visit these places! You will be happy to know that you did!