Haunted Places in Indiana

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Do you love traveling AND ghost haunting? If you are the adventurous type who is looking for a good way to have fun while traveling then visiting the haunted places in Indiana might just be the best option for you. So if you enjoy haunted places or places with a lot of spooky histories then go visit Indiana. To know more about the haunted places that you can visit in Indiana, check out this article!

Here are the top 5 haunted places to see when you are in Indiana:

Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, Indiana

This mansion is said to be one of the most haunted places that you can go to in Indiana. In 1933, this mansion was bought by a doctor named Dr. Harold Webb. He settled in with his family and made a way for an office and rooms for his patients. After opening to the public, the doctor began gaining new patients. However it was noticed that his patients began missing. His family also noticed foul smell as well as noises coming from the basement. In 1934 when a patient came to visit the clinic, he found that it was locked at the time of his appointment. Because of this he called the police and asked for help. The police was able to open the house and was shocked with the scene that greeted them. The whole family was dead and that each of them suffered severe torture. Further investigation showed that the doctor had secret passageways into the basement where he kept his missing patients and performed horrible experiments on them. After the bodies were removed and the house was cleaned, it remained closed until it was sold to the American Legion. It was eventually reopened to the public and the visitors soon noticed paranormal incidents that they cannot explain.

The Story Inn

One of the most popular haunted places in Indiana is the bed and breakfast inn called the Story Inn. It is believed that an apparition called The Blue Lady haunts this place. It is believed that this lady is the wife of a Dr. George Story. The Blue Lady was often seen in a room called Garden Room but since she was always seen in this room it was named after her. It has been reported that the Blue Lady loved blue things and has a habit of leaving blue items behind. She was also said to have blue eyes which is why she was called the Blue Lady. Visitors of the Story Inn would sometimes smell cherry tobacco which is said to be the Blue Lady’s favorite cigarette when she was still alive.

Town Circle in Angola

Town Circles is a popular theater in Angola. It is believed that this place is haunted by a man who lost his love. People reported hearing a crying man inside Town Circle especially during midnight. Some say that they have seen a man with red beard in the Circle and someone saying “Marie please come back to me, please!” followed by wails and sobs. Some movie goers have experienced hearing this crying man inside the theater but when they look around to where the sound is coming from, only empty seats behind them.

 Hacienda Restaurant

This restaurant was once a mansion and is said to be haunted by the previous owners. According to legend, one of the apparitions in this restaurant belongs to a servant girl with whom the owner of the mansion had an affair with. It was said that the maid became pregnant but the owner shunned her. Heartbroken, she hanged herself in the attic while in other stories the owner committed suicide by shooting himself in the basement. Today many workers and visitors to this restaurant reported lights going on and off as well as water faucets turning on their own.

French Lick Springs Hotel

This resort hotel is said to be haunted by its previous owner, Thomas Taggart, who was said to be seen around the service elevator. People also reported of tobacco and fragrance smells. He was also reported riding a horse in the ballroom or down the halls and even holds ghostly parties in the ballroom even when there are no people around. There are also red stains appearing in a guest room bathtub where a bride once killed herself. The sixth floor of this hotel has also been reported to be active with paranormal activities; people laughing, footsteps, shadows and cold breezes. There is also a ghost who calls the front desk from unoccupied rooms and the ghost of an African-American bellhop who shows up in the photos of the bellhop stand.

So there you go some exciting haunted places for you to visit in Indiana! If you are looking for a good scare then might as well visit these places while traveling! Enjoy and good luck!