How to Save Cash on Your Next Hotel Visit

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Hotel accommodations are typically pricey but they don’t have to be! These super-saving techniques are sure to shave a lot of cash off on your next hotel visit:

Compare Rates Online

Easily one of the easiest ways to score great deals is to shop around and compare rates online. The fact is, hotel rates will vary day to day, agency to agency. With a little patience, you can check various agencies, track better offers, and negotiate for better deals. You can also check your preferred hotel’s own website for special offers, promos, and discounts.

Start your search by browsing at least 4 websites to get an idea what the average rate is according to your selected period and location. From there, you can check different sites and list down at least 5 websites to compare the rates. Choose the one that gives you more bang for your buck!

Optimize Your Search Results

Checking a major online travel agency website will provide plenty of rates by hotel according to your selected period and location. But note that the rates reflected on the searchers are not accurate. Sometimes, the results that you see are the ones the travel agency wants you to see. To generate accurate results, start optimizing the searches. Use the sorting tool to get a good sense of your options and reduce any issues once you decided to book a reservation. Search by price, then by star rating and finally by location.

Go to the Hotel’s Website

Once you’ve created a list of all the offers that look good, check the hotel’s website directly. Just Google the name of the hotel and browse the main website. Then, check the rates. Usually, hotel sites offer special deals or promo offers. These offers may even have their own section on the website. From there, compare the rates you get from a travel agency and the rates offered by the hotel via the official website. Choose the one that suits your budget the best!

Checking for Deals

Several sites offer a list of travel deals. Some of these deals could be relevant to your stay. We recommend checking out or These sites are a haven for hotel specials and promo deals!

Be Friendly with the Hotel Staff

Another easy way to score great deals from any hotel is to ask for promos yourself after befriending the staff. You can do that by calling the customer service hotline of your favorite hotel and asking for the attendant you are friendly with. Talk to that person about specific promos offered during your stay. Most hotel employees will offer better deals for return customers.

Try an Indie Hotel

Most chain hotels offer bloated rates and are biased against solo travelers. Major hotels usually offer rooms for two, without offers or discount for solo travelers. Good thing most independent hotels offer room for 1 and discounts for single travelers. These hotels are also open to negotiation for an even better deal! This goes especially if the hotel has vacancies needed to be filled.