Iconic Mushroom-Shaped Rock Formations in the World

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Nothing like a little geological tour to appreciate nature’s beauty. Rocks could take on strange shapes. The formation of these rocks took millions of years. Unfortunately, soil erosion makes these beautiful natural sculptures vulnerable to damage.

The most common rock formation is the mushroom shape. This means the top of the rock formed a smooth dome shape and a thinner base. The thinning of the rock’s base is due to erosion. The domed mass takes a while to erode because of its size. Eventually, the base of the rock formation will break down. That’s why if you have the chance to see these amazing formations, do so! They might not be there anymore next time around. If you love checking out mushroom-shaped rock formations, don’t miss the iconic mushroom-shaped rocks in these countries:

Bathsheba, Barbados

The mushroom shaped rocks in Bathsheba are volcanic rocks shaped by incessant Atlantic waves. Bathsheba is situated on the east coast of Barbados. As you can imagine, the rock formations are so breathtaking, they put the small fishing village on the map. Bathsheba is also renowned for its sandy beaches and gentle, rolling waves. It’s the perfect place for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Fungo, Lacco Ameno, Italy

In the small Italian island of Ischia lies Lacco Ameno. Lacco Ameno is a small town renowned as an ancient place of worship. The town is also full of volcanic rocks that took on a curious mushroom shape. The most famous of all is the Forio rock. Forio features a massive mass of green tufa. It’s considered as Lacco Ameno’s symbol.

White Desert, Western Egypt

In west Egypt lies the White desert. It’s called as such because of its bone-white sand hills. This was caused by incessant sandstorms. The sandstorm also shaped the rock formations into mushroom-shaped structures. Some rocks are also shaped like camels or birds! The oddly shaped rock formations are located 45 kilometers of Farafra.

Timna, Israel

The Timna Valley is surrounded by copper ore smelting sites. In the middle of these sites is a stunning colossal rock shaped like a red mushroom! This rock formation was caused by centuries-old erosion of red sandstone by humidity, water, and the wind. The rock is located in Eilat, a small town 30 kilometers north of Gulf Aqaba.

Oppedal, Norway

In a small coastal village of Oppedal, a fantastic rock formation has stood for thousands of years. Much of its base was washed away by the ocean. It stands 3 meters high and has long narrow trunk. The trunk itself has an interesting shape.

Tisa Walls, Czech Republic

If you love geological tours, don’t forget to check out the rock formations in Tisa Walls. These monolithic rocks are 90 million years old. They’ve taken on different shapes because of erosion and weathering. There are so many ancient rocks that the place seems like a zany labyrinth of Cretaceous Mesozoic period rocks!

Until the 20th century, spectators were forbidden to set foot in this place. But when it opened to the public, it became one of the most popular attractions in Czech Republic. There is a total of 75 rocks within the small and great walls. Some are shaped like mushrooms while others resemble giant tortoise shells.