Reasons Why Postcards Make the Best Travel Souvenirs

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Before portable cameras and mobile phones became popular travel must-haves, travelers rely on good ol’ postcards as keepsakes or reminders of their travels. Postcards were popular because back then, modes of communications are extremely hard to come by.

But the advent of micro technology made it possible for wafer-thin mobile phones to take high-quality images and professional-looking photos! Some cameras even have the ability to upload the photos straight to a user’s social media accounts via the internet. As the popularity of these devices increased, postcards and letters turned into a fading art.

Postcards: A Brief History

Postcard making started out in the late 19th century after the popularity of postage stamp collecting faded in the UK. Back then, postcards are nothing but envelopes printed with pictures.

According to historians, D. William Mulready, E.R.W. Hume, Dickey Doyle, and James Valentine produced early versions of the postcards. Usually, the graphics were printed using images of comics, Valentine musical notes, and patriotic images during the Civil War period of 1861-1865.

The first country to public postcards similar to modern ones was Austria. A few years after postcard making became popular in Austria, German postal official Dr. Heinrich von Stephan submitted a proposal for a postcard. Several years later, postcards’ popularity spread throughout Europe. As the printing and photography industries improved, so did the quality of the images on postcards. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why Choose Postcards as Travel Souvenirs

Without a doubt, collecting and giving postcards is a very old tradition. Although its popularity has faded throughout the decades, postcards are slowly making a comeback. Experts weigh in on the reason why postcards make the best travel souvenirs.

Personalized Messages

Although you can always upload a snapshot of your travels and tag friends on Facebook, a postcard given straight to friends is the best way to touch base with loved ones. With a handwritten account of your travel, a postcard allows you to express yourself on a more personal level. A personal note feels more intimate, warmer than a generic post on social media.


One of the unique charms of postcards is its simplicity. The card is neither bulky nor impersonal. They make great but inexpensive gifts to friends and it’s always touching to receive a postcard on special events like the holidays! Plus points for the handwritten notes! Seasoned travelers also favor postcards and collect them all the time because they make a great token to remember a specific time and place.

A Tangible Record of Memories

You can always keep hundreds of pictures online, but a postcard serves as a record of your travel that you can touch and collect. Every postcard collected in places visited is significant to travelers as well as those who received them because the cards contain memories that are important to the traveler.

Connect with People

Postcards have a way of bridging communication between friends, loved ones or even strangers. While buying these cards, you can talk to owners about the significance of a specific landmark. From there, you will learn the local culture, make new friends and make old ones feel special.