Spend a Memorable Holiday in Dandeli

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Dandeli is a small town on the district of Karnataka, India. It’s located in a town in Uttara Kannada off the region of North Karnataka. Because of its lush forest, breathtaking landscapes, and complex wildlife, it’s one of the most tourist-heavy parts of the country.

Dandeli is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers. Featuring an unmatched mix of scenic beauty and wildlife, the town is full of rare animals and birds indigenous to the region and clandestine nature trails, deep valleys, and hills! Right at the heart of Dandeli is the river, Kali. Kali rips through the center of the town, offering a fantastic view of the deciduous forests all around.

Places to Visit and Activities in Dandeli

Nature Adventures

The Kali River dominates most of the connecting towns in the North Karnataka region. Apart from its fantastic views, Dandeli also offers white water rafting for thrill seekers. Other water activities you can choose in Dandeli include kayaking, boating, and canoeing on the river’s class 3 rapids.

Anglers, nature lovers, and even those who love to explore caves and hidden temples will find the place to be perfect for any type of water and nature adventures. Some tours also offer picnics, eco-tourism, crocodile, and tiger spotting as well as bird watching!

Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli is the natural habitat of rare birds and animals, including big cats like black panthers and tigers, reptiles, elephants and antelopes! In a safari tour, you will ride an open jeep and is accompanied by a trained naturalist who will give you the best views of the wildlife. You can rent bikes, gears, and other equipment or go on relaxing activities like cycling, mountain biking, and other overland activities.

You can also trek various nature trails and get up close and personal with thousands of reptile and bird species in the area. Most of these nature trails lead to peaks of nearby hills. Make sure you bring your camera because once you reach the top of the hill, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the backwaters of Supa Dam! You can also get a glimpse of misty mountains and forests that spread out as far as the eyes can see!


If you want to make your trip to Dandeli extra special, we recommend going there during the Dussehra. The locals do an annual dramatic folk enactment called Ramleela. You can be a part of the festivities, meet the locals, and even sample local cuisine during holidays.

The Best Time to Visit Dandeli

As in most parts of Asia, certain places in India are vulnerable to monsoon season. This includes the northern region of Karnataka.

The best time to book a trip to Dandeli is between October and May or December to May. During these months, the climate is mild, tourist spots aren’t very crowded, and you can check out the sights at their best. Do not book a trip to Dandeli on June to September. Monsoon season starts during these months.