The Hottest Spots for Paddle Boarding in Florida

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Florida is the watersports capital of the United States. The Sunshine State attracts millions of tourists every year, particularly guests who love all types of water sports. Florida boasts of diverse natural landscapes such as white sand beaches, tropical forests, reefs, bays, and inlets. With 1,197 miles of coastal waters, rivers, lakes and an Intracoastal Waterway, this state has a lot of gorgeous padding trails too! If you love paddling boarding and you have your sights set on Florida, we recommend these fantastic paddle spots:

Key West

Florida’s Key West is a favorite among serious paddle boarders because of its mesmerizing waters, thriving wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. It’s the perfect spot for paddlers who love tranquil, unspoiled views and those who love to explore the mangrove forest.

To maximize the experience, we highly recommend using clear-bottom boards to check out the sea grass below. For those looking for after-dark adventures, go night boarding at the open sea. There are paddle sports rentals nearby that offer supplies and equipment so you can check out nocturnal creatures – such as lobsters, crabs, and colorful tropical fish – under the clear waters.

Miami Beach

Perhaps the most popular of all paddling spots in Florida is Miami beach. After all, it’s the party central of the Sunshine state!

The best paddle-boarding spots in Miami Beach are the Intracoastal Waterway and Biscayne Bay. These hot spots boast of pristine waters and a sweeping view of the Miami skyline. The Intracoastal islands are located between Miami Beach and the Miami mainland while the Biscayne Bay is a lagoon that 35 miles off the Atlantic coast of South Florida.

South Walton

On the northwest side of Florida is South Walton. This paddling spot is a haven among paddle boarders who want to swim with the dolphins. The region is near the Choctawhatchee Bay. The bay features crystal-clear water and ancient dune lakes that blend fresh and salt water.

South Walton features several outfitters that offer rented boats for day or night paddle boarding. You can either get an agency to book a guided tour for you or hire the outfitters in the area for an hour of paddle boating.

Miami Dade County

This is a fantastic kayaking trail in North Miami. The trail starts in the middle of the Oleta River State Park, where an outfitter will guide guests through the clear waters for some outdoor fun. This paddle board trail is near the famed Biscayne Bay and Chicken Key. You can always ask the outfitter if he can tour you around the best attractions in the area.

Rainbow River

On the west side of North Central Florida is another amazing paddle board destination called Rainbow Springs. This spring features a gentle current of fresh water that flows approximately 6 miles into the Withlacoochee River.

During the guided tour, you will be surrounded by tropical forests, moss-covered pine and if you’re lucky, cross paths with playful river otters and Cyprus, turtles! The park is a protected wilderness area that boasts of rich flora and fauna. There are loads of shops that offer paddle board rentals. Other amenities – such as hiking trails, picnic areas, and restrooms – are also available for passing guests.