Tips for Dealing with Your Period While Traveling

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

So you and your girlfriends decided to go on a vacation. Everything is planned, you have the hotel booked and you even laid out all the clothes you want to wear while you enjoy your time. Everything else is set but the only bad news you got is that your period came. What a bummer, right?! But before you pout and cancel everything, DON’T! You can always do something about it and in this article; we will teach you what you need to do in dealing with this monthly visitor.

Getting your monthly period is normal. Every female experiences it and most of the time, they arrive when he least expect them to. However, don’t let that ruin your traveling mood. Here’s what you need to do:

Bring tampons and sanitary napkins

This is a must-have in every travel whether you have your period or not. Keeping them by close will always save the day. If you are planning to swim, tampons can help but if you just want to chill and read a book then pads can help you with that.

Bring painkillers

If you often get painful cramps during period, don’t worry. Bringing painkillers like ibuprofen can always help. Taking one before traveling can always help and keep your mood from being ruined especially when you know that you will be traveling long hours.

Bring lots of extra underwear

A girl can never bring too much underwear especially when you are on your period. It is important that you feel comfortable and fresh as you go so extra underwear can save you from that. Extra undies can also rescue you in case of leaks.

Toilet stops is a must

While traveling, make sure you check your pads at rest stops. Keep in mind that you need to replace new pads once they’re full. So if you have the chance to stop by any bathroom, do it.

Take care of yourself

When you are on your period, you literally lose blood and sometimes we don’t feel good at all. It is important that you take care of yourself even as you are traveling. Make sure to get plenty of rest when you can, eat fruits, drink plenty of water and eat well. Doing so will avoid you from landing into a hospital and ruin the vacation mood.

Never stress

Sure getting your period a day before your planned trip can be a bummer but that doesn’t mean you have to focus on it. Don’t worry, period. Stressing yourself or cancelling your trip won’t help. It’s a normal cycle and every woman has experienced it. You have the means to do something about it, so go ahead. No need to stress out really.

Getting your period is your body’s way of balancing the female hormones; so there’s no need to panic. Just make sure to arm yourself with the ones mentioned above and you won’t have to worry about anything else. Besides, periods can only last 3-4 days so there’s no need to really be bummed about it. What’s important is you are ready for it and that you are enjoying your trip, that’s the best way to go.