Top 10 Cheap Lunches in New York City

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

New York is an expensive city. If you’re there on a budget or studying abroad, funds are going to be limited. That doesn’t mean you have to eat microwave meals though. When you’re in New York City, there are 10 places where you can get lunch that will satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.

1. Bagel Hole

Located in Brooklyn, Bagel Hole has become one of the top bagel shops in all of New York according to many residents. Stop into Bagel Hole for a bagel with cream cheese for a light lunch or go for one of their sandwiches for a filling but affordable meal. Bagel Hole is located at 400 Seventh Avenue in Park Slope.

2. Lombardi’s Pizzeria

Lombardi’s Pizzeria in SoHo is probably the most famous pizza shop in all of New York. Opened in 1932, Lombardi’s still makes pizza the traditional way – in a coal oven. Just because Lombardi’s is well-known doesn’t mean it’s expensive. They sell pizza by the slice, and for lunch, one piece is probably all you’ll need. Lombardi’s Pizzeria is located at 32 Spring Street in SoHo.

3. Wo Hop

Wo Hop is a 24 hour Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown known for serving classic Cantonese dishes at affordable prices. The chop suey and chow fun are the biggest sellers according to the restaurant, but pretty much everything on their menu is worth a try. Wo Hop is located at 17 Mott Street in Chinatown.

4. The Arepa Lady

The Arepa Lady might be the most well-known street food cart in all of New York. Located on Roosevelt Ave. near 78th St. in Jackson Heights, The Arepa Lady serves up traditional Colombian arepas – a corn-based dish that will remind some of a quesadilla — that has everybody talking. The Arepa Lady doesn’t usually arrive before noon, but get there early to make sure you don’t wait in a long line.

5. Tacos Guicho

Like The Arepa Lady, Tacos Guicho is a street food cart that sits on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. What sets Tacos Guicho apart from other NYC carts, however, is the fact that they make some of the best Mexican food on the east coast, even if the menu is a little limited.

6. Papaya King

Opened in 1932, Papaya King has long been considered the best place in all of New York City to get a hot dog. At Papaya King, the original New York dog is by far the biggest seller. The original is an all-beef frank piled high with sweet relish, sauerkraut and yellow mustard, encased in a freshly steamed bun. Papaya King is located at 179 E. 86th St. in New York proper.

7. Mamoun’s Falafel

Established in 1971, Mamoun’s Falafel is one of the oldest Middle Eastern restaurants in the United States. Serving traditional Middle Eastern food including falafel, New Yorkers flock to their original location at 119 MacDougal St. because the food is fast, cheap and incredibly delicious.

8. Corner Bistro

Located at 331 W. 4th St. in New York, Corner Bistro serves what many New York food critics are calling the best burger in New York City. The best burger in New York under $25 at least. If burgers aren’t your thing, the classic grilled cheese has gotten rave reviews from New York-based foodies.

9. Bahn Mi Saigon

Serving classic bahn mi sandwiches just like the ones that can be found in the eateries of Vietnam, Bahn Mi Saigon is a must-go destination for adventurous eaters on a budget. If you don’t know what to get, try the classic ham and pate with fresh veggies, all layered between two slices of freshly baked French bread. Bahn Mi Saigon is located at 198 Grand Street in New York proper.

10. Parisi Bakery

Located in Little Italy, Parisi bakery has a rotating daily menu of Italian sandwiches, all made with fresh, local ingredients of the highest quality. New York magazine recommends the Mortadella sandwich – a behemoth that might just be lunch enough for three. Parisi Bakery is located at 198 Mott Street in Little Italy.