Top 10 Cities in USA for Living

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas all sound like great places to live in. Teeming with culture, you will always find something to do in these busy cities. But how much are you willing to trade for the high life? Working two or more jobs, eating fast food, and exposing yourself regularly to noise and pollution is no way to live your life. What you want is to be someplace where you can settle down, build a career, follow your dreams, and maybe start a family. So here’s a list of the top 10 cities in USA for living the good life.

10. Iowa City, Iowa

The city of Iowa may have lost its capital status to Des Moines, but it can be proud of the fact that it is one of the best cities in USA for living. It is a college town where education and teaching careers flourish. It is a haven for learning and people who want to help others learn. Because of this, Iowa City ranks as one of America’s most educated cities. The city is also renowned for providing affordable healthcare to its residents.

Education: Education is perhaps the biggest asset of Iowa City. Whether you want quality education for yourself or your kids, it is a good place to learn. The University of Iowa has more than 100 educational programs in line. Livability even named the city as one of the top college towns in USA.

Career: Many of the jobs available in the city are related to education. It would greatly benefit for people with careers in teaching to move in. The University of Iowa alone admits 30,000 students every year. With the addition of a smaller community college, vacancies for regular and substitute teaching positions are surely available every now and then.

Culture: Iowa has a dynamic culture fueled by the city’s high literacy rate. Concerts, film festivals, and art shows are frequently held here. The famed Writer’s Workshop at the university made the city a UNESCO City of Literature. But at the very heart of the city’s thriving culture is its distinct fascination for various mediums of artistic expression.

Leisure and recreation: Iowa is not a place you’d want to live in if you prefer the outdoors, although there are some parks where you can enjoy the beach or engage in activities like camping and boating. But if you are more drawn to art and its different forms than you are to nature, you will surely find something to appreciate in the local theatres and museums.

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