Top 5 Amusement Parks in the World

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

What’s your best memory as a child? Mine was going to amusement parks! There’s something magical about these places that even adults love them. Now if you love going to amusement parks, then you must go and visit the best ones in the world. Here are the top five amusement parks in the world that you will surely enjoy.

1. Cedar Point – Cleveland, Ohio, USA

So do you like rollercoasters? If you love the adrenaline rush that these rides give then you must go to Cedar Point in Cleveland, Ohio. Known as the Rollercoaster Capital of the World, this amusement park is packed with fifteen big rollercoasters that will surely make you scream on the top of your lungs! Among the rollercoasters to ride include the Wicked Twister which is said to be the world’s tallest and fastest inverted rollercoaster. You can also check out Millennium Force which is one of the best steel rollercoaster in the world. They also have the rollercoaster called Maverick which drops at a good 98 degrees. Cedar Point has been named as Amusement Park of the Year for 14 years. So if in case you want to check this amusement park one day, just make sure you have an empty stomach before deciding on riding one of these babies!

2. Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida, USA

Known as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland or Disneyworld has proven to be indeed the happiest place on earth! This particular amusement park was built to be a supplement to Disneyland in California however; this has been the most visited amusement park in the world. Inside these walls are four theme parks namely the Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. It covers a land area of 27,443 acres and is the world’s largest amusement park. It is home to two water parks and twenty four resort hotels in this property alone! So if you want to go to Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida is the place to go.

3. Ferrari World –  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Love cars? How about cars and amusement parks in one? If you do then you need to go to Ferrari World! Found in Abu Dhabi, this park is based on one of the most expensive luxury cars in the world. This park was built under a 200,000 square meters roof that holds four theme parks. It also has 23 themed resort hotels which includes a campground. It also has two spas, five golf courses and other recreational venues! It is also home to 20 rides and among them is the famous Formula Rossa rollercoaster which is known to be the fastest rollercoaster in the world with speeds as high as 240 km per hour. Now that’s something to visit!

4. Legoland – Billund, Denmark

If you loved lego as a child then you will surely enjoy Legoland! Built in Billund, Denmark, this amusement park is the first and original Legolands ever built. Built 40 years ago, this park has theme parks for adults and kids alike. The Duplo land was built for kids to enjoy including rides that are made out of lego blocks. So if you wish to fulfill that fantasy of riding or playing cars and house made out of lego blocks, then this is the place to be.

5. Ocean Park – Hong Kong

Do you love the ocean but want something with rides and sea animals to play with? If you do then Ocean Park is the park to be. Not only is this park built for people’s amusement, it is also a marine mammal park and oceanarium. They also have the Abyss Turbo drop that will drop you at a height of 20 floors in just five seconds! Scary but fun!

Now that you know the five best amusement parks in the world, go ahead and pick your choice. Add that to your bucket list and make sure that your adventure is something to be remembered! Enjoy!