Top 7 Destinations To Avoid Because of Radiation

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

6. Hanford, USA

Considered as America’s ticking atom bomb, the Hanford nuclear site in Washington as a crucial part of the US atomic bomb project. The Hanford nuclear plant was the first to manufacture plutonium for America’s first nuclear bomb. It’s also where the “Fat Man” nuclear bomb was created. Fat Man was the bomb used in blowing up Nagasaki. During the Civil War, the US army depended heavily on Hanford nuclear plant to produce its 60,000 nuclear weapons.

Today, Hanford nuclear plant lies abandoned and decommissioned. But despite the inactivity, the plant is still holding about two-thirds of the volume of US’ high level radioactive waste – about 53 million gallons in liquid waste and 25 million cubic feet of solid waste, to be exact.

Over 200 miles of groundwater were contaminated by the Hanford nuclear plant, making it one of the most contaminated nuclear plant sites in the USA. Proof of environmental devastation caused by Hanford nuclear site is that farmers in the area and people living in Richland, Pasco and Kennewick (collectively called the Tri-Cities) are one of the most highly radiated human beings living on earth.

Years after it was decommissioned, the Hanford nuclear plant has not been cleaned up and the government remained mum about the former nuclear site’s fate.