Vegetarian Travel Guide to Mexico

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Are you a vegetarian and planning to travel to Mexico? No problem! If you think that there are no dishes made for vegetarians like you in Mexico then think again. This country offers plenty of food for people like you and it doesn’t have to be rice and beans all the time!

Mexico is the birth place of one of the best dishes in the world. Although meat and chicken are important ingredients in many Mexican foods, they also know eating healthy plays a big part of our lives. For vegetarians, traveling to Mexico and finding places to eat where they can enjoy a good combination of vegetables and fruits is not a problem. So if you ever find yourself traveling to Mexico, here are some of the top ten Mexican foods that you should try for vegetarians like you.

Entomatadas – this is made from fried tortillas in tomato sauce then sprinkled with cheese. It is then topped with garnished onions and parsley.

Quesadillas – are tortillas with cheese inside stuffed with squash bloom or mushrooms.

Chille relleno de queseo – is actually stuffed chili pepper with cheese.

Enfrijoladas – are fried tortillas in bean sauce which is then sprinkled with cheese and topped with onion and parsley.

Papadzules – are tortillas stuffed with chopped hard-boiled eggs. It is then served with squash seed sauce served in the Yucatan. This is a traditional Mayan dish.

Molletes – are Mexican cheese on toast is a roll topped with refried beans and melted cheese, with salsa on the side. They are usually eaten during breakfast.

Sincronizadas – are similar to quesadillas but they are made from flour and not corn tortillas with two tortilla sandwich filling in the middle. It has three veggie options for you to choose from like eggplant, leek, chaya and achiote topped with panela cheese.

Tlacoyos – is a vegetarian street food made from blue corn. They are oval shaped masa or corn dough which is stuffed with beans, cheese or fava beans tipped with onions, cilantro, cactus and salsa.

Flautas – are deep-friend tortillas filled with vegetables or potato, cheese and are usually topped with salsa, lettuce and cheese with crema.

Chile relleno – are made from roasted poblano peppers stuffed with cheese that’s battered and fried. It’s served with sala. However they are sometimes filled with meat but it’s always good to ask the cook not to fill your chile relleno with meat.

Of course there are plenty of other foods to check out in Mexico. Not to mention the wide fruit selections that they have to offer so you can be certain that you will never go hungry while visiting Mexico. It is also important to know a few Spanish phrases before you go to Mexico so you can enjoy communicating with the people there. This will also help you get your order done just the way you like it. So in case you want to travel there, make sure you have your trip planned out. List down all the food that you would like to eat and give it a try while in this beautiful country.