What to Do in Alaska

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

As the largest state in the United States, there are so many hidden sights and attractions in Alaska. Located in the extreme northwest of the US, Alaska became a US territory when it was purchased from the Russian Empire in the 19th century at approximately two cents per acres. Want to go on a virtual tour of the last frontier? In today’s post, we are listing down all the amazing activities you can do in Alaska:

Day Tours and Excursion

If you love sightseeing, exploring the wilderness or simply getting close to nature, a day tour or excursion with the whole family is one of the best ways to get to know Alaska’s hotspots. Dozens of travel agencies offer day tours and excursions that suit small and large groups alike. During the tour, you can check out the local wildlife, see glaciers calving into the ocean or come face to face with attractions you’ve only seen in pictures!

Go on a Cultural Odyssey

If you have a lot of time left in between excursions, why not check out Alaska’s historic landmarks and attractions? You can hop on a tram and go on a guideless tour, check out local historic sites or visit the unique golf courses. You can check out museums, art exhibits, chill at the local café, and try out the local eats. You can start your tour by checking out cultural centers to discover Alaska’s history. You can also check out wildlife parks and sanctuaries to see all the rare and endemic animals in the region. Alaska also features various botanical gardens and arboretums, which offer child-friendly tours.

Go on a Drive

If you love to go on road trips, you will love driving at your pace in Alaska. Imagine being surrounded by mesmerizing scenery, watch mountains looking large or exotic animals popping out from the woods! A drive will also take you through the little villages scattered across the state. There are loads of local agencies that offer scenic day drives. You can rent a car and get a guided tour towards iconic sites and landmarks that are accessible via a long drive. For instance, you can check out Mt. McKinley, drive on the Parks Highway or the Seward highway.

Check out the Wild Life

Alaska is not called the final frontier for nothing. The state’s amazing wildlife is the most unique in all American states. Thanks to its remoteness, Alaska’s natural beauty remains unspoiled by industrialization. You can watch bears in their natural habitat, check out eagles of all sizes rule the air or whales swimming by the ocean.

If you want to check out the local wildlife, you want to schedule a dawn or dusk tour. Generally, animals are at their most active in the dark. You can also bring your own binoculars or lens if you want to see the animals in action or take pictures, respectively. Do note that there are proper wildlife viewing rules you need to consider during the activity.

Go Hiking or Trekking

If you love exploring the great outdoors and enjoy Alaska at its rawest, then get close to nature via trekking or hiking. At the end of a guided trek is a stunning view of the Alaskan landscape. There are loads of trails in various points of the region, some are accessible others are reserved for expert hikers. Temperatures can drop pretty low so make sure you are dressed properly and bring plenty of water before the hike!