How to Make Your New Pet Feel Right at Home

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Taking a new pet to his forever home is an exciting time indeed! But before taking home your new pet, prep your house first to keep your pet comfortable. In today’s post, we are listing down practical ways to create a warm, comfortable environment for your new furry friend:

Giving Space

Your new pet needs space literally and figuratively. Although your new pet is happy and excited about coming home for the first time, your furry friend needs a designated place where he can hide away from all the action. This goes especially if you got a cat for a pet.

Most pets want a secure, quiet place to sleep, hide away and play so provide one for him. He needs more time being accustomed to his new home and the people that live in it. A small room should be enough space for a pet. Just provide a few toys, food and water bowl plus a warm bed to sleep on.

Providing Structure

As with any homes, there are house rules to consider. Your new pet is not exempted from observing these house rules. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. They need structure so they do not exhibit destructive behavior.

Implementing several basic rules should be enough to make pets secure in their new environment. You want to be consistent with training so you don’t confuse the animal. Develop a solid routine until the pet is able to stay in tune with your routine. We strongly recommend imposing disciplinary measures and guidance early on, so the transition will be smoother for you and your pet!

Focusing on the Basics

As for the types of items needed to make your new pet comfortable, stick with the basics first. A food and water bowl, a nice bed, and toys should be enough for your first set-up. You can add the extras for later.

If you got a dog, you want to stock up on rolling toys and high-quality food. You want the food and water bowl to be wide enough so their whiskers are not squished. Dogs love crates and beds so provide one for your new dog. Throw in a used shirt or pillowcase to familiarize the pet with your scent.

If you got a cat, any toy that moves will do. Wand toys and balls provide plenty of stimulation to cats. Add a scratching post, a litter box and a dark, secure place for your new cat to hide. Cats also love lounging on high places so a study perch makes a worthy investment.

Familiarizing with the Rest of the Household

Unless you live alone, you can skip this step. Because a new pet is walking right into an established household, he will feel nervous and confused. His new home is probably larger than his last home and that’s a lot to take in at once.

So when introducing your pet to the rest of the household, do so slowly. Start by introducing different scents of the household. Let the pet get used to the new scents. You can do this by throwing in used pillowcases and/or used shirts for your furry friend to smell. As the new pet becomes familiar with the rest of the household, he will gradually open up and make new friends!